Finest MC Battle

06 May 2016 Philly, PA


Venue : Finest MC Battle

Silent Philly’s Finest MC Rules

  1. Silent Philly’s Finest MC Rules
  2. Must be 18 years or older to enter.
  3. Please submit a 1 minute video clip or audio clip of your best freestyle to
  4. Only allowed 1 submission/entry per person.
  5. Please include First name, Last Name, contact phone number, and email address with your submission.
  6. Be sure to follow all of Silent Philly’s social media tags to receive notification of all the results of this competition.
  7. Social media tags are: Instagram-silentphilly215, Facebook – Silent Philly, Twitter – SilentPhilly , Snap Chat – SilentPhilly
  8. Registration begins April 26th and ends on May 6th at 11:59PM
  9. If you are selected as one of the Silent Philly’s Finest MC’s there will be a $25 entry fee to participate in the competition.
  10. Prize money will be $4000 for 1st place $500 for 2nd place and $250 for 3rd and 4th place.
  11. The competition will be held like a college basketball bracket. The 2 MC’s that battle will each have 1 minute and 30 seconds on the mic. (Each MC battle is only 1 round whoever wins the round moves on to the next section of the bracket).
  12. Once each MC has gone, the crowd will decide who won the match by selecting a color on their Silent Philly Headphones. (For example, one MC will be the Green MC and the other MC will be the blue MC. At the end of the match when the crowd selects if there are more blue headphones glowing than green headphones glowing then the Blue MC would win.)
  13. Competition times will be 7:30PM – 11:30PM. Competition dates will be May 23rd, May 24th, May 31st, June 1st, June 7th, and June 18th.