Silent Philly Celebrating One Year Of ‘Quiet’ Parties

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Silent Philly celebrates one year on Friday night at District Nine nightclub at 460 North 9th Street and they’re marking the occasion with a party, but if you’re not in on the fun, don’t expect to be able to hear the music.

The Silent Philly parties are silent, because participants are given headphones through which to listen to the music of the event. President Eddie Ross says those headphones can be taken on and off at will.

“It’s much easier to have a conversation, it’s much easier to get a drink from a bartender, you don’t have to scream in anybody’s ear. It’s a really fun time in a place where you don’t lose your hearing because you control the volume on the headphones, as well.”

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Silent Philly celebrates one year!

Sometimes, silence is the best weapon and an even better turn up.

If you’re watching a Silent Philly party from the outside, you’ll see people energetically dance with drinks in their hands and sing off-key to music only they can hear. You’re watching in silence.

It seems odd. You may even chuckle.

But the joke’s on you.

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A party both introverts and extroverts can enjoy!

To the outside observer, watching a group of people dance wildly to the music in their headphones might make you scratch your head at first. You really can’t knock it until you’ve tried it, however, and the success of Philly’s own “silent” party series, Silent Philly, shows that this trend is here to stay. Launched just a year ago, the company has multiple parties a month locally and is starting to branch out to new markets like Chicago. We chatted with its president, Eddie Ross, about how a silent party works and why they can be more appealing than a traditional noisy night out.

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The Silent Philly Party Presented By #VISITPHILLY

The Silent Philly Hits The Piazza On July 29th.

On Friday, July 29, Visit Philadelphia and Silent Philly, the city’s official producer of silent parties, are teaming up to present the Silent Philly Party presented by #VISITPHILLY, a dance-filled evening of music (and illuminated headphones!) at the Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons.

Never been to a Silent Philly party before? No worries, it’s easy to join in the fun.

From 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., partygoers jam out to one of three stations via provided headphones that light up different colors depending on what station they choose. Each station features a different DJ spinning certain tunes — either ’80s, ’90s, 2000s; house, EDM and pop; or hip-hop and reggae.

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Silent Philly: New party trend making noise in clubs

A new nightclub trend is sweeping the area. And the concept might have you re-thinking the usual club atmosphere.

Normally, when you go to a club you expect to pulsating music that you can feel in your chest. But a new kind of party is growing in popularity and it has you hearing nothing!

The parties are put on by Silent Philly. Action News was given exclusive access during a recent event at Landmark Americana Tap and Grill in West Chester.

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