Silent Philly celebrates one year!

Sometimes, silence is the best weapon and an even better turn up.

If you’re watching a Silent Philly party from the outside, you’ll see people energetically dance with drinks in their hands and sing off-key to music only they can hear. You’re watching in silence.

It seems odd. You may even chuckle.

But the joke’s on you.

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Silent Philly: New party trend making noise in clubs

A new nightclub trend is sweeping the area. And the concept might have you re-thinking the usual club atmosphere.

Normally, when you go to a club you expect to pulsating music that you can feel in your chest. But a new kind of party is growing in popularity and it has you hearing nothing!

The parties are put on by Silent Philly. Action News was given exclusive access during a recent event at Landmark Americana Tap and Grill in West Chester.

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